We produce and market the best Hass avocados in Mexico:
we take them to any part of the world.

LEFOOD process, the development of a fresh and nutritious avocado

How does a good avocado get to your table?

It all starts with a seed

1 In the garden

1.- We plant select seeds in fertile and clean soil.
2.- We harvest the fruit manually at its proper ripening level.
3.- We place the avocado in special sacks for handling.
4.- We place the avocado in boxes of plastic suitable for its transport.
5.- We transport the harvest from the orchard to the baler under optimal care.

2 At the packer

1.- We empty the boxes of plastic in exclusive compartments.
2.- We subject the harvest to a process of brushing for purposes of neatness.
3.- We expose the harvest to a meticulous process of selection of quality.
4.- We label each fruit in a singular way.
5.- Select and separate each avocado by its weight.
6.- Pack the product by hand in carton boxes.
7.- We dispose the merchandise on a pallet for storage and transportation.
8.- Cool our avocados using tunnels depending on the season.

3 In the transport

1.- We carefully load the fruits in a container.
2.- We transport the merchandise in time and form to its destination.

4 In import

1.- We take our container with quality avocado to any part of the world.
2.- We store the merchandise in cold depending on the season.
3.- We offer a treatment with ethylene to contribute to the maturation of the avocado.
4.- Store the product again cold depending on the season.

5 In the shop

1.- You buy a well-kept, fresh and nutritious product on the shelves.

6At home

1.- Enjoy a healthy avocado in one of its thousand shapes and dishes.

Long Range Distribution

From Jalisco to the world...

We have the capacity and experience to bring the best Hass avocados from Mexico to any region of the world.


"Always punctual and committed to the best avocados in Mexico."